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  • Anthology   ( 4 Articles )
  • Regency Romances   ( 2 Articles )

    Romances set roughly in the period of 1810-1820. These are stories where the setting and manners of the time are practically another character.  Traditionally, these are "sweet" tales, but growingly there is an increasing heat level in the novels.

  • Romantic Suspense/Intrigue/Thrillers   ( 4 Articles )
    Suspense novels where at least half of the story revolves around the romance between the hero and heroine. The tale ends with a HEA.
  • Science Ficition/Fantasy Romance   ( 1 Article )
    Romances where the story features either science or magic, but the tale is mostlly centered on the relationship between two people falling in love.
  • Erotic Traditional Romances   ( 4 Articles )

    One man, one woman tales where the story focuses on the growing relationship between the main characters. Unlike a sweet romance, there may be sex outside of marriage, and any sex scene will likely not stop at the closed bedroom door. The story ends with a Happily-ever-after (HEA). The heat level can vary from sensual to erotic.

  • Erotic Non-Traditional Romances   ( 2 Articles )
    These romances have explicit sex. The story may feature sexual encounters between more than one partner, and partners may be of both sexes. The stories still have a HEA (Happily ever after)

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