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Bizarre Bipeds, by Dr Bob Rich

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This collection of four science fiction stories will make you see humans in a far less flattering light than usual.


Liberator is a novella, which takes you to a world where the peaceful life of the people is destroyed by invaders from outer space. These monsters enslave the people, and commit incredible cruelties, just so they can have free labor in their diamond mine. It takes a very special person to bring them to justice.

Dummies in Dimensional Drive is a light-hearted love story, with a few twists. Environmental catastrophe has destroyed much of humanity, and the remainder live in savagery. The Galactic Council comes to offer help, and have terraformed Venus as the new home for some sixty million humans. Jim is one of those chosen, and he uses his quick wit to ensure that the sexy-looking girl who had been about to kill him will come too...

A Different Invasion shows that what you look like doesn't matter. Trevor turns out to be a horrible-looking alien, but Luci ends up liking him anyway.

Cooked was written specifically for this book, although I've been carrying the idea around in my head for years. A person who normally lives in the centre of the Galaxy blunders into our planetary system. All it wants to do is to go home, for which it needs to organise an enormous nuclear explosion. Some humans respond to this visitation with interest and friendship, but the official authorities take a more warlike stance. The visitor is very thankful for the human reaction, and shows its gratitude...

This book is ready to fly, as soon as the wonderful cover is finished by artist Martine Jardin. Until then, prepublication copies are available at half price at Bob's web site


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