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Rita Hestand's Bio

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     I could start by telling you I'm from Texas. I am recently widowed, with two lovely grown daughters, and seven grandchildren.  As a child I traveled all over the United States going to school in many different states, because my father was a pipeliner.  I was an only child, and thus my imagination grew out of desperation for friends.

     When I first found out what TV was, I was about 4.  I was fascinated.  As I grew up I realized that most of the shows  were like plays, stories, and in my mind, I could change them to suit myself.  And often did.  I acted out the Tarzan movies a million times in my backyard.  Never exactly as the TV had though.

      Then one day in my early teens I wrote a short story for a magazine, naturally it was rejected. I stowed it. In high school, I wrote an adventure, somewhat like Swiss Family Robinson. It went around the entire school, I never got the manuscript back, probably just as well, it needed much work.

       Somewhere along the line, I began to seriously take up the old typewriter and write books.  Romances of course.  I loved the romance. I sent them to a couple of publishers and they rejected them.  I stashed them in a drawer and decided I was kidding myself, I wasn't a writer.

       But destiny called again, and I drug out the old manuscripts and saw after such a time that they were bad. By then I realized I needed to hone the craft.  So I joined groups, took some college courses, and went to a big conference in Dallas. No matter how much I had improved my writing, I hadn't improved my verbal skills on telling the story to a publisher. Rejection again.

        This did not deter me, this time.  This time I kept up my writing.  Still I was rejected.

         Then one marvelous day, at a workshop I was introduced to the fascinating prospect of ebooks.  At first it didn't hit me that this might be a new avenue to try.   No one put much stock in ebooks.  But I had joined on line groups too, and they were all talking about the ebooks and ebook publishers.  I got to know people, and I sent off queries to the e-publishers. 

          I sent an unlikely manuscript to an e-publisher, figuring, she might at least offer some help.  She did more, she invited me to submit the manuscript to her.  I sent it, post haste, and not long afterward, I got a e-mail saying they wanted it.

           Since that time I've been through several e-publishers, learned a mountain of information from each one and have gone on to publish ten romance novels, and two children's books.  I've just finished my first historical, western, romance.  I can't wait to hear what they say about this one!



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