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Tales from the Treasure Trove, Vol I by Jewels of the Quill

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offer new, short, exciting Tales from the Treasure Trove--each featuring a sparkling jewel!

discover romance, magic, suspense, second chances, true love, and the supernatural.

feature reincarnated lovers, thieves, vampires, angels, musicians and blind dates, mysterious jewels, masks, worlds...and even dragons!

"The Best Kind of Opals" {western romance} by Alice Blue (Dame Opal): The Bayer folks have sent their three sons to Utah in search of a rare, precious gem-the opal. As soon as they step off the train and find themselves in an unexpected fist-fight, Luke Bayer realizes that Ma and Pop have something sneaky up their marriage-minded sleeves. The only opals in sight are of the warm-bodied persuasion: Opal Louise Ness, Deena Sue Opalla and Melinda Opal Cooke. The Bayer boys' are about to discover which opals are the kind worth pursuing.

 "Diamond Magee" {over-the-hill romance} by Sherry Derr-Wille (Dame Diamond): Diamond Magee, Di to her friends, has returned to Minter after 30 years. Kate is more than willing to set Di up with her brother-in-law, Mel, on a blind date. When Di takes over Mel's Christmas shop to be run year-round, the fur flies.

"Sex with the Man in the Moon" {romantic suspense} by Christine DeSmet (Dame Moonstone): The night is cold and his "family jewels" are hot. During a white-out on Christmas Eve in the remote wilderness of northern Wisconsin, young widow Claire Mickelson finds bloodied, frozen Jack Eberhardt dumped in a snow bank near her cabin. Unfortunately she's taken in what appears to be a notorious, murderous jewel thief. And while he thaws out, he asks her to thaw a little toward him. And his jewels.

"Emerald" {contemporary romance} by Debbie Fritter (Dame Emerald): Emerald Braun won't settle for the Knight in Shining Armor and white picket fence. As a young songwriter, she wants to have a hit song. The only way to get her lyrics out there is to pick up and move to Nashville. Utah Sheridan has lived in the shadow of his famous father for most of his life. When his band, the Night Ramblers, get an invitation to perform at the Opry little does he know that on the stage of the Ryman Auditorium is a treasure he never wanted, or expected to find.

"Garnet's Light" {Troubled Waters Series, Book 1} {romantic suspense} by Liz Hunter (Dame Garnet): Heir to a manufacturing fortune, Miriam Hubbard loses her parents in a boating accident and receives a diagnosis of a debilitating illness. A long-time friend talks her into attending a masquerade ball and, in the antique store where she searches for a costume, she finds a stunning garnet. Does it really have magical powers that can cure her disease? And is the charming stranger in town the love of her life, or a con man intent on possessing that magnificent jewel?

"The Topaz Locket" {paranormal romance} by Carrie S. Masek (Dame Topaz): Will Connor, a cynical antiques dealer, buys a stolen locket and discovers the picture of a beautiful woman inside. She haunts his sleep, becoming more vivid with each dream. Driven to meet her in person, he tracks her down only to discover she's hospitalized in a deep coma, the victim of an apparent mugging. Convinced the attack was no random act of violence, Will must hunt down her assailant before he can strike again.

 "Jaded" {reincarnation romance} by Barbara Raffin (Dame Jade): With the help of doomed, eerily familiar lovers from days gone by, Hannah Calder and Jake Griffin learn that scars don't need to wall a person off from life and that it takes more than wealth to create happiness. This time around, they ignore the nay saying, and the rich man and the waitress take a leap of faith beyond their fears and prove that love can overcome all.

"The Ruby Kiss" {contemporary vampire romance} by Jaye Roycraft (Dame Ruby): Radio intern Alena Grace would rather spend Halloween with friends, but she has no choice but to participate in the station's annual Halloween scavenger hunt. Even more dismaying is being partnered with "the spook," late night DJ Ray McClay, who's given her chills since her first day on the job with his pale skin, blond hair, and yellow-green eyes. Designated as the "Vampire Team", Alena and Ray battle each other and the elements to be the first to locate all the items on their list of treasure, including the mysterious Ruby Kiss.

"Peridot Moon" {futuristic romance} by Julie Skerven (Dame Peridot): Tabitha King travels to Mine #12 in search of one of her least reliable bounty hunters. Laurent Fox hasn't checked in for three days. Now she's determined to retrieve him and bounce him from the corporation. However, when she arrives she discovers that Laurent is injured and just barely holding off poachers. When they find a lode of pure peridot in an old, played-out shaft things get hotter. Can Tabitha trust him? Will Laurent see her as something other than the stiff beaurocrat he remembers? Will they find love under the Peridot Moon?

"The Turquoise Mask" {paranormal romance} by Jane Toombs (Dame Turquoise): An unexpected inheritance plunges Jamie Lowell into a dark whirlpool of danger as she follows clues left by her father to where a treasure is hidden. Can she trust Zach Tregath to help her survive the dance of death that waits for her, or is he part of the evil?

"Bloodstone Cure" {The Saurians Series, Book 1} {paranormal romance} by Cassie Walder (Dame Bloodstone): Jason, from an ancient race of shape-shifting dragons on the planet Sauria, is dying. In order to save his life, he must find the legendary stones bloodstone and fluorite. On Earth, he must also locate a female Kindred Soul, a member of his race who has been assimilated into human society and he must make her fall in love with him as part of his cure. Orphaned at an early age and raised in foster homes, Melissa has always felt different from those around her. Jason immediately recognizes her as the Kindred, but will she love him when she learns what he is and what he needs from her?

"The Amethyst Angel" {traditional romance} by Karen Wiesner (Dame Amethyst): Elena Lopez's father has decided to play matchmaker with his long-time friend and neighbor, Marta Delgado, when Marta's nephew comes to town. Elena has a secret, though: She's always loved Marta's own son Pablo. An amethyst angel belonging to a dying boy reminds Elena that spending her life waiting for something to happen isn't living and that love must be shared. Can she take the risk of telling Pablo her feelings even if he doesn't share her love?


4 1/2 stars! "From the enchanting Jewels of the Quill comes a delightful anthology filled with a dozen short romances. From contemporary to western to paranormal, there's something for every reader. Barbara Raffin kicks things off with a clever tale of reincarnated love, "Jaded." An offbeat take on the popular vampire theme is presented by Jaye Roycraft in "The Ruby Kiss." A bounty hunter and his boss take center stage in "Peridot Moon," a futuristic tale from Julie Skerven. Fans of mature heroines will enjoy Sherry Derr-Wille's "Diamond Magee." And Carris S. Masek tells "The Topaz Locket," from the perspective of an antiques dealer whose every move is being haunted by a woman in a coma. The remaining seven stories--by Christine DeSmet, Karen Wiesner, Debbie Fritter, Alice Blue, Cassie Walder, Liz Hunter and Jane Toombs--are just as fun. Jewels of the Quill founding member Wiesner did well when she got these fabulous authors together. These dames rock!" ~Karen Sweeney-Justice for Romantic Times BOOKclub

5 books! "In the anthology TALES FROM THE TREASURE TROVE, Volume I, the characters, unique to each of the stories they inhabit, come alive for the reader. The various styles of the twelve writers in this book give the reader a wide range of stories--paranormal, ghost, futuristic, contemporary, historical, etc., all with heartwarming romance. A gemstone theme ties the stories together. Magic, legends and superstition lure the reader into a variety of environments. Some of the stories like “Turquoise Mask” and “Peridot Moon” vibrate with danger while stories like “The Amethyst Angel”, “Garnet Light”, and “Bloodstone Cure” lift the reader’s heart with hope and inner peace. Humor and the improbability of “The Best Kind of Opals” brings smiles and an ‘oh, come on’ feeling of shared fun. Greed is the most predominate of the Seven Deadly Sins but LOVE overrides the bad to give the reader a happy-ever-after ending. If one looks closely enough, there is a lesson about living in each story along with romance. These accomplished writers have joined together to create a book to read without putting down. After a cover-to-cover read, you'll want to pick it up and read it again and again as times goes by. This is a book to be prized for your library of “keepers”." ~Camellia for The Long and the Short of It Reviews

5 angels! "The Dames of Jewels of the Quill know how to create romance. TALES FROM THE TREASURE TROVE, Volume I, A Jewels of the Quill Anthology is an eclectic collection of twelve romance stories that has something for everyone. Barbara Raffin opens the anthology beautifully with "Jaded"... Ms. Raffin's ability to inject believable emotion into her characters will immediately lure readers into this moving tale. [Christine] DeSmet takes over the quill next and delivers "Sex with the Man in the Moon." This story has suspense, emotion, and a tender hero that will have readers guessing until the end. Who he is makes even the man in the moon pale in comparison. Liz Hunter adds her own element of suspense with "Garnet's Light." In this tale, Miriam Hubbard is still reeling from an emotional loss when fate steps in and introduces her to Noah... Miriam's loss is poignantly felt and as the danger intensifies readers will be caught. Away from the suspense, readers will find fun and more than they expect on the Halloween scavenger hunt found in "The Ruby Kiss." Jaye Roycraft will have readers wanting to conduct their own search once they meet this DJ and intern... The understanding that develops between Alena and Ray is dynamic and fresh, but the Ruby Kiss they find on the scavenger hunt is WOW! [Karen] Wiesner takes a step back from the fun and heat of Ms. Roycraft's telling to deliver a touching story of life, love, and friendship. "The Amethyst Angel" portrays the consuming commitment Elena Lopez has made to the terminally ill children in her care. It will take a special friend to show this caring woman what she is missing in life. The characters in this story will evoke a reaction in even the most cynical heart. Another contemporary tale that is sure to please is Debbie Fritter's "Emerald."... Readers will both abhor and delight in the varied cast of characters. The final lessons learned hold true to life and will make readers smile. Not to be outdone, Alice Blue delivers a western romance that finds not one, but three couples falling in love. In "The Best Kind of Opals"... Ms. Blue's brief visit to the West is filled with fun loving characters that don't like being played for fools. The antics of these three couples, family, and friends will entertain readers as they wait to see what treasure these men take home. Step back to the present and meet Diamond Magee and Mel Larson... In "Diamond Magee", Sherry Derr-Wille offers readers a tender portrayal of love at any age. This is a solid story of the fears and change everyone confronts on the road to friendship and love. As there is always room for more great stories, Julie Skerven, Cassie Walder, Carrie S. Masek, and Jane Toombs add their own Jewels of the Quill to make an even dozen. "Peridot Moon" will transport readers to another time and place as Tabitha King finds herself in the most unlikely situation, trapped with her ex-lover Laurent Foxe... Ms. Skerven enhances their story with extra sensory abilities and a wealth of action. Readers will be wondering if these two well-matched individuals can find out what went wrong the first time as they struggle to survive. "The Topaz Locket" by Carrie S. Masek connects two strangers with the help of a stolen locket... The dream scenes are well done and are an original way to show character growth. Add to this the search for Grace and readers will be as entranced as Will. Cassie Walder rounds out the anthology with an exceptional story of love and acceptance. "The Bloodstone Cure" brings unknown worlds and two fated souls together... The emotional connection these two feel is evident from the beginning. I enjoyed Ms. Walder's use of imagery, shape-shifting and unique caste system within the plot. This is a standout tale wherever it is read. Jane Toombs offers readers an edgier, paranormal romance that is beautifully written. "The Turquoise Mask" captures the essence of a Navajo belief and delivers a tale of greed and love... Ms. Toombs introduces us to two strong, dedicated individuals that are thrown together by circumstance. The respect they demonstrate pairs nicely with the emotions that simmer beneath the surface. This is a more than fitting ending for a wonderful anthology. These talented authors have managed to compile a collection of contemporary, paranormal, suspense, western, and futuristic tales that all have one thing in common: romance. Whether down the road, on an unknown planet, or in the past, these stories come to life with characters that have a love to find. The use of jewels as an additional element to differentiate each story and yet provide a consistent theme for the complete anthology was exceptional. It was an added lure to an already outstanding read to see how each author would incorporate her "jewel." TALES FROM THE TREASURE TROVE, Volume not to be missed and has this reviewer anticipating the next offering from the dames from Jewels of the Quill." ~Reviewed by: Amanda for Fallen Angels Reviews

5 flags! "TALES FROM THE TREASURE TROVE, Volume I is the first entry in a most excellent anthology series offered by the wonderful authors of Jewels of the Quill. Volume I contains twelve stories by multiple authors, and truly there is a story for nearly every reading interest in this fine volume. Almost all include romance, and range from traditional to futuristic romance, vampire to paranormal romance, Western romance, with the intriguing additions of reincarnation romance and over the hill romance! Also included are multiple entries in romantic suspense, and one story in the genre of contemporary fiction. Each author in this collection is well worth pursuing, and this reviewer heartily recommends reading their other stories as well. The TALES FROM THE TREASURE TROVE series deserves recollection as reads and rereads." ~EuroReviews

4 1/2 hearts and Golden Rose Reviewer's Choice Award Winner! ""Jaded" by Barbara Raffin: The fascinating sexual tension and deja-vu will grab the reader by the throat! "Sex with the Man in the Moon" by Christine DeSmet: This story is sexy, witty and terrifying. "The Ruby Kiss" by Jaye Roycraft: Tension builds from radio show boredom to Alena’s intrigue with Ray. The subtle turns of the scavenger hunt mask the passion to the surprising end. "The Amethyst Angel" by Karen Wiesner: The Santa Fe backdrop makes this story colorful. The flowery cultural intricacies among the characters don’t overwhelm the story. "The Peridot Moon" by Julie Skerven: The story has engrossing detail about the perils in the mine, the poachers and the intriguing looks from the hero can cause the heart to race. "Diamond Magee" by Sherry Derr-Wille: This is an adorable story that features the hysterical reluctance of our ‘elders’ to reach for love again. This story sparkles! "Emerald" by Debbie Fritter: This story takes advantage of the heat of competition and tension between competitors but it appears to be the beginning of a romance that could light Nashville on fire. "The Topaz Locket" by Carrie S. Masek: This story could be a spooky campfire tale had the two spirits not been so magnetic. This story keeps the reader guessing. "The Best Kind of Opals" by Alice Blue: The story was cute after the young men realized their elders had set them up, complete with small town antics. "The Bloodstone Cure" by Cassie Walder: This engrossing story gently transforms from the mundane to dreamy and fantastical details. "Garnet's Light" by Liz Hunter: Labeled as part of a series, this is a fascinating stand-alone story. There are unexpected twists but the characters are strong. "The Turquoise Masek" by Jane Toombs: This impressive story is a fast-paced, polished suspense with the luster of romance. TALES FROM THE TREASURE TROVE, Volume I, A Jewels of the Quill Anthology is a glowing romance grouping with eclectic stories connected to gemstones. Also, enjoy the sparkling secondary characters like the aunts, grandmothers and housemates. Each story samples the author’s genre and there is a little bit of everything in the pages. No two people are going to enjoy this book in the same way and the reader should enjoy the stories that are not their usual style." ~Love Romances

4 stars! "Twelve stories from twelve talented authors. There are stories with restless spirits reincarnated, suspense, and romance. If you like historical romances, no problem. If you like modern contemporary, it's in here. Want a bit of magic? This book will deliver. No matter what type of romance you prefer, chances are that you will find it within this anthology. As I finished reading I found myself wanting more. So I visited the web site HERE to see if "Vol. II" would be forthcoming. YES! The next volume is due September 2006, exactly one year from the release date of the first volume. I can only hope that this will be an annual collection with many years of releases. Many, if not all, of the authors have several novels already in print. So do not think you will be reading second rate stories. For example, I, personally, have several books (Gothic Romances) on my shelf by author Jane Toombs. So my advice is to get Volume One quickly. It may become a Collector's Item someday." ~Detra Fitch for Huntress Reviews

4 cups! "TALES FROM THE TREASURE TROVE is anthology full of various types of romances from vampires, westerns, contemporaries, to angels and paranormals. Each story is an exciting journey of some kind into romance and life... "Jaded" is a spine tingling romance to be sure... "Sex With The Man In The Moon" a sexy romance that will leave you smiling... "A Ruby Kiss" is a fun adventure with a game, and romance is the prize... [With "The Amethyst Angel"] Ms. Wiesner has written a very emotional and heartfelt love story that will have you in tears... "Peridot Moon" is an adventurous futuristic romance that takes you deep underground for some espionage and romance... "Diamond Magee" is a story where two middle-aged people come together, and both learn a different lesson in love... "Emerald" is a tale of one man who gets his friend back and a woman who finds her hopes and dreams... [In "The Topaz Locket"] Ms. Masek creates a tale of a mystical love reaching out to two people... "The Best Kind of Opals" is a western romance, which is a jewel of a tale... [With "The Bloodstone Cure"] [t]wo souls who were destined to meet, even though they live in different worlds... "Garnet Light" is a true case of love finding its way... In "The Turquoise Mask" an ancient mask brings two people together for adventure and love... TALES FROM THE TREASURE TROVE is full of all kinds of mysteries and romance and just about any kind of adventure you can think of. The characters are well written with interesting histories. This book is a fun read with each unique story being a jewel." ~Reviewed by Wateena for Coffee Time Romance Reviews

4 stars! "TALES FROM THE TREASURE TROVE, Volume I is a treasure for those who read it. Filled with 12 stories that are as different as the jewels who created them, this anthology will entertain all who read it. Like a box of chocolates, this wonderful anthology offers many different and tasty treats. No matter what type of romance you like, you'll find it here. Each story is captivating and well written, bringing you deep into their characters' lives. This group of talented writers has created a treasure filled with magic, love, and happy-ever-afters. Don't miss adding this impressive lineup to your reading list."

3 beacons! " anthologies as it gives you a chance to read new (to you) authors. ...The idea of the authors taking a nom de plume relating to one of the many beautiful stones that surround us, then writing a story about that stone is a rather intriguing idea... "Jaded" by Barbara Raffin: Rated 3 (enjoyable read). "The Amethyst Angel" by Karen Wiesner: Rated 4 (a mini tearjerker). "Diamond Magee" by Sherry Derr-Wille: Rated 4 (good story and nice to see one about the more 'mature' generation who can still fall in love and have all the worries and fears that beset younger members.) "The Topaz Locket" by Carrie S. Masek: Rated 4 (unusual story, well written. Would make a good plot for a full length book). "Bloodstone Cure" by Cassie Walder: Rated 4 (I have liked other Cassie Walder stories and this one didn't disappoint. Idea was good and well written)." ~Lighthouse Literary Reviews

4 hearts! "Each of these stories is different; very enjoyable reading. Romance, mystery, there is both in each story where something needs to be resolved before one can move on. An excellent mix of characters and plots." ~The Romance Studio

""Jaded" by Barbara Raffin: Sometimes you review a story that is so profound you want the world to read it! "Sex with the Man in the Moon" by Christine DeSmet: A great story... "The Ruby Kiss" by Jaye Roycraft: A Halloween story to delight romance readers. "The Amethyst Angel" by Karen Wiesner: ...a wonderful story. "Peridot Moon" by Julie Skerven: A gem of a story. "Diamond Magee" by Sherry Derr-Wille: A gem of a story. "Emerald" by Debbie Fritter: Country music speaks from the heart. "The Topaz Locket" by Carrie S. Masek: A wonderful story to add to this treasure trove of romance. "The Best Kinds of Opals" by Alice Blue: Matchmaking at its best! "Bloodstone Cure" by Cassie Walder: Delightful fantasy! "Garnet's Light" by Liz Hunter: A story to warm the heart. "The Turquoise Mask" by Jane Toombs: Jane tells another great story! Seek the gem and you will find it! This anthology of stories is a treasure trove of jewels for romance readers!" ~Rolling Seas Reviews

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