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Karen Woods Author Biography

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I'm Karen Woods.

I write romantic intrigue, historical romance, futuristic romance, gothics, inspirational novels, and nonfiction.

When I was a young college instructor, if anyone had told me that I would be making my living as a writer, I would have told him that he had the wrong woman. Oh, I had stories and characters dancing in my head, clamoring to get out. Writing, however, was something I did strictly for my own amusement, as I had done since I had written my first short story at the age of five. I simply had plans for my life other than writing. I was quite happy teaching undergraduates. Hey, I had to use my degrees for something, didn't I? I do quite enjoy teaching. But, it dawned on me that I could and did write tales that were as good or better than the ones I read in my leisure time.

As for me at this stage of my life, I tease that I live a quiet life. Well, maybe it's quiet in comparison to a Category Four hurricane. I've been married to my best friend since 1979. Often, my house is filled with the sounds of young people, friends of my youngest child. He's an Eagle Scout, a competitive swimmer, a competitive trap shooter, the President of his Venture Crew, a college student, and an all around fine young man. My firstborn is a college graduate, entirely an adult, navigating the somewhat treacherous waters of today's economy and maintaining her independence. I'm exceptionally proud of both of my children.

It's fun to make a living at what I'd do for amusement, anyway. 

When I'm not writing, reading, promoting my books, spending time with my family, or tutoring children, I am usually at my painting table working on one icon or another. Painting icons is a form of physical prayer.  

I serve as "listcop" for EPIC The Electronic Publishing Industry Coalition. 

I'm also Dame Coral with the The Jewels of the Quill.

And I'm the community coordinator here at Great Books and Authors.

Writing a book is the easy part of the job of being an author, although it is a good deal of work to craft a good novel. The hard part, of this business, I've found is doing the promotion to generate sales.