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Equinox II by Cassie Walder

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Equinox II
Cassie Walder , Vonna Harper , Annalise
Eye of the Hawk By Annalise , Annalise
Adara, a Welsh widow, must find protection for her sister who has been attacked by an English soldier. Only one man offers help — Gavin, captain of the English guard. Adara must live under Gavin's hated hawk badge. She barters her body for his protection but cannot keep her heart untouched.
Images in an enchanted athame indicate that Adara's missing family is well. She must decide her future, whether to go west with her family or stay with a man who has shown her that the vanquished can also be victor, and the victor may be conquered.

Moon Dance By Vonna Harper
An ancient dagger, magic, mystery, the ancient German traditions of Ostara, and a dark, decrepit castle along the romantic Rhine River draw Derika Huber and Ritter Reinhard together. But their heated and out-of-control couplings aren't for them alone. Lady Mina, an ancient presence, relives her own brief, hot marriage via the sweating bodies. And then there's Eostara, Goddess of Spring and fertility

Night and Darkness By Cassie Walder
Torn between her priestly vows and two very different men who both want her, Alia Raveensdautter is at a crossroads in her life. Possibilities stretch before her. Duty prescribes her actions. Forbidden love tempts her. Dangers lurk in unexpected places. The mystical Athame, the Blade of Destiny, has come to aid her near the time of the Equinox. But only time will tell if the Blade can be enough help for Alia.


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